Official Selection At The “London Independent Film Festival”


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We at LIFF are preparing for another fantastic festival of independent filmmaking from April 10-21, 2014 at some of London’s best independent cinemas.



The “London Independent Film Festival” is now in its 10th year and is dedicated to promoting 1st and 2nd time directors making films with budgets of less than £100,000. “The Jigsaw” which was made for less the 3000 euros and was directed by first time directors Basil and Rashad Al-Safar has well met the criteria. We are proud that the jigsaw has now screened in 3 continents in its early stages and this is just the beginning. We have also just been selected for a prominent film festival in the middle east (details to come soon) . The Director Basil Al-Safar will be flying straight back from there to attend the LIFF and continue “The Jigsaw’s” world tour meeting influential people from film industries around the globe.

The LIFF is a perfect place to meet new talent and industry professionals as London is in the home country of Rashad Al-Safar who co-directed the film. This will give the Al-Safar brothers more opportunities to meet with people who they can connect  and work with on future projects with. The film will be screened at the fantastic Shortwave Cinema in London  and should make a fantastic venue to experience the magic of cimena.